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GLCE ENERGY Lithium iron phosphate battery

GLCE Energy: Solar Energy Storage Solution.

GLCE Energy is a professional manufacture of LiFePO4 battery in china. producing LiFePO4 battery, ESS(energy storage system), wall-mounted energy storage battery,on/off-Grid inverter, Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage System etc, We have solutions for on-grid and off-grid products, and have set up our warehouses in the United States and Germany, which can provide local customers with fast delivery.

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Choose the Most Valuable LiFePO4 Battery

It Can Handle Just About Any Applications,up to 4000+ deep cycles life. 5 Years Limited Warranty.

Elevate Your Energy Solutions with Stacked Battery Pack


    LiFePO4 Battery

    Super Long Life Span Cycles, Safest Li Battery, Most Reliable, Most Widely Used.Replacement for Your AGM or Gel Batteries,Best for Your RV, Marine, Solar Home,Any of Off-grid Applications.

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  • Household energy storage system

    Home Battery Storage

    Reliable home batteries can generate electricity using solar panels to help you live off-grid. Wall-mounted, cabinet and other different forms of batteries are available for you to choose from.

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  • Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage System

    Energy Storage System

    The industrial and commercial energy storage system plays a crucial role in achieving grid stability, integrating renewable energy sources, peak shaving, providing backup power, and more. It offers businesses an economical, reliable, and environmentally friendly power solution.

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What Our Customers Say

Work well!

I'm loving these batteries so far, been testing them through my solar, running a residential refrigerator and all my 12vdc for the last month, and they have been performing flawlessly. I like how you can read each battery independently. As I build out my solar system I'll be stretching them even further and am thinking of adding another bank as the price point on these I feel is a bargain.

David Traian

I recently purchased 2 48v 100 amp batteries from GLCE and they are amazing, packaging was top notch,they followed up with me to my surprise to see how everything went,I was so impressed by the way they performed I bought 2 more.

Thank you to all at GLCE you have a truly great product, support team got back for some simple questions the almost immediately.

Angelika Konopka
Super product. Excellent seller communication.

This battery is light-years ahead of my old lead-acid deep cycles. I live off-grid. I've run it for over a month now with no issues at all. I no longer wake up in the morning, worrying if my refrigerator ran out of power overnight - especially on a warm summer night when it's been working more than usual. Plenty of power for my needs, even after a few cloudy days.
This is my first LiFePO4 battery. It's certainly not my last.

Stewart Blundell

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