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Wall mounted energy storage system

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Wall mounted energy storage system

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Wall-mounted energy storage system is a device designed to store electrical energy and is typically installed on a wall or another suitable surface. These systems are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to store excess energy generated from sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, or the grid, for later use when the energy demand is high or when the primary energy source is unavailable. 

Product Features

  • Compatible with the 16 mainstream inverters.
  • Safe LiFePO4 rechargeable battery.
  • Support to 15pcs battery in parallel.
  • Higher usable energy ratio, less self-consumption.
  • Can be mounted on the wall, and can be stacked after removing the face panel.
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GLCE ENERGY 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries


Rated voltage:51.2V

Usable capacity:100Ah



Battery Weight:44kg

Dimension:L440" x W530" x H132"

Max. Continuous power:5120W

Max. Continuous charging current:100Ah

Max. Continuous discharge current:100Ah

48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries

Advanced Lithium-ion Chip Technology

GLCE ENERGY 51.2V100Ah LiFePO4 battery made from safe, non-toxic, renewable energy, this smart lithium iron phosphate battery up to 10000+ Deep Cycles.10 Years Lifetime, Compare to sealed lead acid battery, Lithium LiFePO4 are lightweight, compact size, longer lifespan, higher energy density, more safety and cost-effective advantages.

Wall-Mounted Energy Storage

Wall-Mounted Energy Storage for Your Power Needs.

Wall-Mounted Energy Storage refers to an energy storage system designed to be installed on a wall or another suitable surface, typically used for storing and managing electrical energy, optimizing energy consumption, providing backup power, and supporting the integration of renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines.

GLCE ENERGY Wall-Mounted Energy Storage

Product Features

  • Cycle life:6000 times
  • Bluetooth(BT):Support BT
  • Display interface: Support custom design
  • Waterproof technology: IP65 grade
  • Low Temperature Technology:Stable operation in -20℃ low temperature environment
  • Communication protocol:Support RS232/RS485/ CAN, can be customized.
LiFePO4 Battery Communication Interfaces

Wall-Mounted Energy Storage

Wall-mounted energy storage with its array of communication interfaces, this system seamlessly integrates with external devices and networks, allowing for real-time data exchange and control. It enables efficient energy management, making it an ideal choice for optimizing energy consumption, integrating renewable energy sources, and supporting smart grid applications, all while providing reliable and convenient access to stored electrical energy.

compatible with different inverters

Flexibility compatible with different inverters

Compatible with different inverters, they can be seamlessly integrated with various inverter types, allowing users to optimize energy management and easily adapt to changing energy needs.

What Our Customers Say

Easy installation

I can't express how thrilled I am with the 48v100Ah wall-mounted energy storage system! It has been a game-changer for our home. The installation was a breeze, and since then, we've seen a significant reduction in our energy bills. Not only does it provide a reliable source of backup power during outages, but it also seamlessly integrates with our solar panels, allowing us to harness and store clean energy efficiently. It's eco-friendly, space-saving, and incredibly user-friendly. Kudos to the team behind this amazing product!

Reviewer Name - Ralph_Fonz
Reliable backup power

The 48v100Ah wall-mounted energy storage system has exceeded all our expectations. It's like having a dependable power bank for our house. We've experienced uninterrupted power supply, even during the most severe storms and power outages. The system's performance and reliability are top-notch, and the sleek wall-mounted design takes up minimal space in our garage. It's a smart investment that not only provides peace of mind but also reduces our carbon footprint. We're genuinely impressed with this energy storage solution!

Reviewer Name - Cody Martin
Environmentally friendly energy

Our household recently upgraded to the 48v100Ah wall-mounted energy storage system, and it's been a revelation. The system's efficiency and capacity are impressive, allowing us to maximize our self-consumption of solar energy. The user-friendly monitoring app keeps us informed about our energy usage and savings, which has been a great motivator for our family to be more energy-conscious. We no longer worry about blackouts, and the system has paid for itself through the energy cost savings. It's a fantastic product that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a reliable, eco-friendly energy storage solution.

Reviewer Name - Windjammer
Best Product

Review Text

Reviewer Name - CEO